Noka Productions

A company that creates thought-provoking media for science and the arts.

Commercial and advertisement media created for the web.

Series of promotional videos for California T, Ferrari’s new model of the classic design.


Series of promotional videos highlighting the craftsmen behind The Seymour, a Chelsea luxury condominium.


A promotional video for IRIS & INK, a women’s fashion line presented by Outnet.


Series of promotional videos for VANDALS, a magazine of photography, fashion, and art.


Series of promotional videos for UNIQLO: UNIQLOOKS NYC Streets campaign.


Promotional/Behind-the-scenes video for NARS cosmetics “MAKEUP YOUR MIND: EXPRESS YOURSELF” campaign.

Promotional video of quality syrup store Morris Kitchen.


Promotional video for Focus Features sponsored program Africa First, a filmmaking lab for emerging African cinema artists.

Promotional video for graphite., an art space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Promotional product video for MirrorCase for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

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