Noka Productions

A company that creates thought-provoking media for science and the arts.

Science programs for TV is our specialty. We work in research, development, coordination and production.

Noka Productions repeatedly works with Japanese broadcast corporation NHK in researching content and coordinating production crew, locations, and schedules for their news/documentary shoots in the United States.


NHK Special: Cosmic Shore
“Sprites: A Mysterious Burst of Light” (aired April 22, 2012)

NHK Special: Cosmic Shore
“Star Showers: Cosmic Arks of Life” (aired June 17, 2012)

NHK Today’s Close-Up: Distorted Stock Market (aired July 12, 2012)

NHK News: Good Morning, Japan (aired August 6, 2012)

NHK Today’s Close-Up: Bedbug Crisis (aired December 6, 2012)

NHK Today’s Close Up: Okinawa Health Crisis (aired March 5, 2013)


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