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Hazuki’s work includes narrative films and documentaries, music videos, educational videos, live performance videography, and collaborations with networks such as NHK, BBC, Space Shower TV, Fuji Television, Kyodo Television, and Team Okuyama for Kazuyoshi Okuyama.

Born and raised in Japan and having graduated from the University of Tokyo with a degree in biological sciences, Hazuki chose an unusual journey to her career in filmmaking—via science journalism. After obtaining a master’s degree in biomedical journalism at the New York University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, she worked as a medical editor for several years in New York City, followed by research and development for science/medicine-related programs. Born and raised in Japan, she is inspired by the quiet yet strong artistic nature of her culture. She characterizes her films and photography with metaphysical themes and spare composition. Conscience, memory, and faith are recurring motifs in her work. Influenced by the works of Lillan Bassman, Hayao Miyazaki, and Yasujiro Ozu, Hazuki is interested in creating moving images as type of painting.

Hazuki’s works have been featured at the Clarion Girl 2000, Contemporary Arts Fair 2010, NYCIFF 2013, and VisionFest 2013. Her upcoming short film Reflection is currently staring its festival circuit with Berkshire International Film Festival in May, 2014.


“Circle Bridge” – Promotional Video – Camera Operator/Editor
“Focus Features: Africa First” – Web Video – Producer/Editor
“PBS: Ben Rabb” – Web Video – Producer/Editor
“NHK Today’s Close-Up: Okinawa Health Crisis” (aired March 5, 2013) – News broadcast (TV) – Production Coordinator/Researcher
“NHK Today’s Close-Up: Bedbug Crisis” (aired December 6, 2012) – News broadcast (TV) – Production Coordinator/Researcher
“NHK Today’s Close-Up: Distorted Stock Market” (aired July 12, 2012) – News broadcast (TV) – Production Coordinator/Researcher
“NHK Special: Cosmic Shore Star Showers: Cosmic Arks of Life” (aired June 17, 2012) – Science and Environment Documentary (TV) – Production Coordinator/Researcher
“MirrorCase” – Promotional Video– Producer
“NHK Special: Cosmic Shore Sprites: A Mysterious Burst of Light” (aired April 22, 2012) – Science and Environment Documentary (TV) – Production Coordinator/Researcher
“UNIQLO: Uniqlooks” – Promotional Video (series)– Editor
“Glowing: Dance Works of Fluid Hug-Hug” – Promotional Video – Producer/Editor
“Lillian” – Narrative Short – Assistant Camera
“Rolando: Massage”– Educational Video (web) – Director/Camera Operator/Editor
“EX-Files”– Educational Video (web) – Camera Operator/Editor
“Peter Coppola: Coppola’s Way”– TV pilot – Editor
“Andrea Beaman: Adrenal and Chronic Fatigue” – Educational Video – Editor
“NARS: What I Love About NARS” – Promotional Video – Editor
“NARS: Express Yourself” – Promotional Video – Editor
“NARS: Make-Up Your Mind” – Promotional Video – Editor
“Whittemore Experience” – Narrative Short – Assistant Director
“The Night”– Music Video – Director/Director of Photography
“Dirk and Stella” – Narrative Short – Assistant Camera
“The Civilians: Live” –Documentary Short – Director of Photography
“Notes” – Narrative Short – Director/Writer/Editor
“Drifting” – Narrative Short – Production Assistant
“Samalitas” – Narrative Short – Assistant Director
“Gone” – Narrative Short – Director/Director of Photography/Writer/Editor
“YANCHA”– Feature Documentary – Director


Little Creatures, LLC (PR)

Medworks Media (Articles, neuropsychiatry)
Manhattan Media (Articles, art and film)
Film-Forward (Film critiques)

Cafe Globe

Self Doctor

US FrontLine
Japanese Restaurant News


Managing Editor, Millennium Medical Publishing, Clinical Advances in Hematology & Oncology
August 2008–July 2010
Managed editorial team to interview, write, edit, and produce a monthly peer-reviewed journal distributed to over 30,000 clinicians across the United States. Content encompassed solid tumor oncology, hematological malignancies, and nonmalignant hematological disorders. Developed content and managed production of CME and non-CME educational monographs in oncology and hematology.

Senior Editor, McMahon Publishing Group, Anesthesiology News and Pain Medicine News
February 2005–July 2008
Assigned and edited articles for Anesthesiology News, Pain Medicine News; worked with Editorial Advisory Board to identify trends affecting the specialty; edited and managed development of CME and non-CME educational monographs (oncology, neurology, cardiology, anesthesiology, pain medicine, infectious diseases, primary care, gastroenterology, surgery); wrote news briefs; developed executive summaries for strategic planning based on conference coverage.

Writer, Manhattan Media, New York, NY
October 2003–May 2004
Covered film news for community weeklies Our Town and West Side Spirit.

Film Content Developer/camera, Team Okuyama Productions, Tokyo, Japan
January 2002-June 2002
Provided research material and footage for the documentary “TAIZO” which featured the life of war photojournalist Taizo Ichinose, who was captured by the Khmer Rouge and was killed in 1973.

Media Correspondent, Science Channel, Sky Perfect TV, Tokyo, Japan
January 2002–March 2002
Reported on documentary segment featuring the state of art robotics research performed at NTT Communication Science Laboratories. Documentary titled “Scientists Who Create the Future” was aired March 9, 2002 on Sky Perfect TV.

Director, Kyodo Television and Fuji Television, Tokyo, Japan
October 1999–February 2000
Directed documentary “YANCHA”, a life story of producer Kazuyoshi Okuyama (Rampo, Sonatine, Izo) and the human dynamics behind the scenes of the Japanese film industry.


New York Film Academy Digital Filmmaking
New York University, Graduate School of Arts & Science, New York, NY Master of Science in Biomedical Journalism
University of Tokyo, Department of Biological Science, Tokyo, Japan Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences

Clarion Girl Scholarship 2000 (New Director’s Award)

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